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CFiles is highly versatile download library software. With this software you can easily offer any number of files for download. The key features are:

  • FREE for non-commercial use.
  • All data is stored in a MySQL database making for fast operation
  • User/group management giving you full control over who has access to what files and also functions.
  • Dynamic, on the fly page generation using a tiny amount of system resources.
  • Unlimited categories, subcategories and files (Our test library contains 20,000+ files and 2000+ categories)
  • File rating system
  • File comment system
  • Handy admin functions like "directory import"
  • An easy to use "prune and graft" method of managing files and categories
  • Download counts (bytes and files) per file, per category, and overall
  • Stats: "Top Downloads", "Top Rated", "Most Recent" and "Noteworthy"
  • Offer local or external files
  • Require a licence to be accepted before downloading
  • Require an email address (registration) before downloading
  • Full control over appearance - Use the included theme, edit the templates or make your own
  • Search by filename, author or description
  • Compact, lightweight code which allows for large libraries


You can see a fully functional demo of the public area (Remember, you can change all HTML)

We cannot provide a demo of the admin functions at this time, although they would appear as extra options in the "Functions" box.


CFiles Documentation

CFiles FAQ

CFiles Support Forum


You must read the licence.

You can download CFiles v1.1 or 2.0 beta (Free for Non-Commercial Use)

For only US$49, you can buy CFiles for commercial use. This is a very low price for such full featured software. Other than giving you full usage of the program, registering also provides the following benefits:

  • Free installation on the server of your choice
  • Full email support for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Unlimited Free upgrades to the CFiles program (There's lots to come!)

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